Building strong bonds with our families is very important to us and this starts with quality communication. We have a variety of methods to keep our parents informed and updated on what’s happening with their child and in the nursery more generally, and also to allow them the opportunity to share their own views on their child’s nursery experience.

First and foremost, all parents have access to the Famly app where staff record daily details about each child’s meals, sleep times and toileting, which is supplemented by face to face handovers each day of attendance. Parents can also see photos and information about their child’s learning experiences, progress and development on the app.  They have access to monthly invoice information and can send and receive messages to and from nursery staff and managers through Famly too.

Parents also receive a weekly newsletter from the nursery with details about children’s learning experiences and activities in each room that week, staffing updates and other nursery information.

Links also runs a Parents Forum which meets twice a year to talk about progress and improvement in the nursery and discuss any important nursery information. This is open to any parent who wishes to attend. In addition the nursery holds regular parents evenings and curriculum evenings where information about learning and development is shared.